Josephine built a solid background in modern jazz, hip-hop and contemporary dance during her childhood. She also had some experience with ballet.


As an adult, she discovered aerial arts through pole dancing and fell in love with the discipline. This form of expression suited her most, and she decided to enrich her acrobatic work with an artistic approach. 


It is only after a beautiful encounter that she was introduced to contemporary circus. Aerial hoop, aerial silks and straps opened for her new fields of perception and new ways of working. 


After completing a teaching trainer at Ovale Lune from 2015 to 2017 and with Sarah Bebe Holmes from Paperdoll Militia in 2017, she decided to dedicate herself fully to her passion for aerial arts and teaching  



She keeps enriching her practice and pedagogy each year, taking part in the famous festival LRDA, while enrolling in other teacher trainings and dance workshops (Lasseindra Ninja, Olga Kobos, Maëlle Reymond...).



Join her for a beautiful flight!



2014 - 2017 |

Pole dance teacher (beginner, intermediate and advanced) at Pole&Glam Strasbourg

2015 - 2016 |

Teacher training at Ovale Lune - Aerial hoop (beginner, intermediate and advanced)

Teacher training at Ovale Lune - Aerial silks (beginner, intermediate and advanced)

LRDA (Aerial hoop | Aimée Hancock, Aerial silks | Ana Prada)

2017 |

Level 1 Aerial silks Teacher Training with Paperdoll Militia

Teacher training at Ovale Lune - Contorsion (beginner)

LRDA (Aerial hoop | Lydia Lara, Aerial silks | Fred Deb and Ana Prada, Rope | Emiliano Ron, Vertical dance | Anne-Sophie Arnaud, Contemporary dance | Vanessa Leprince)

2018 |

Intensive Contorsion session | Emma Latordue

LRDA (Aerial silks | Ariadna Vendelova and Brandy Leary, Rope | Will Davis, Aerial straps | Camille Judic)

2016 - 2019 |

Bachelor in Performing arts - Dance | With a distinction (Bien)

2019 |


Pole dance teacher (intermediate and advanced, contemporary choreography) and Flexibility teacher at Vertical Academy Strasbourg



2015 |

Young talent show in Benfeld

2016 |

Represents France at the competition Swiss Pole Art 2016

Represents France at the competition Pole Art Spain 2016

2017 |

Gala PUMA | aerial silks

Competition Pole Theatre Germany 2017

Spectacular spectacular - Galeries Lafayettes Strasbourg | aerial silks

2018 | 

Champion Pole Art Italy 2018

Finalist at the competition Pole Theatre Switzerland 2018

2019 | 


Showgirl in the movie Forte (2020) directed by Katia Lewcowicz

Aerial arts are open to everyone as long as you are able to have a physical activity: join us without apprehension!  


Aerial arts as a sport,

develop great physical abilities in terms of strength, stamina, flexibility and endurance. Just like any other sport, a class follows three steps:

- A warm-up (often completed with conditioning)

- Specific tricks' learning

- Stretching


Aerial hoop and aerial silks will have you working out with every single muscle and will improve your flexibility.


You can, with time, go further than what you would have expected.




Aerial arts as a form of dance,

Once the technical basic elements are mastered, infinite possibilities open in terms of creativity.

Dancing in the air sublimates physical prowess and constitutes Josephine's ultimate form of expression.


She will accompany you in this direction, showing you combinations of elements starting from the beginner level. In advanced levels, she will work with you to develop your own and unique style






TÉLÉPHONE | 06 18 27 70 07


LIEU DES COURS | L'envolée studio

33, rue du maréchal Lefebvre | travée f

67100 Strasbourg


Ecole de cirque aérien à Strasbourg, France (proche de Kehl ou Offenburg, Allemagne)


Tissu aérien

Cerceau aérien

Hamac aérien

Sangles aériennes

Corde lisse

Trapèze danse


Mât chinois

Aerial circus school and training space in Strasbourg, France (near Kehl and Offenburg, Germany)


Aerial silks

Aerial hoop

Aerial hammock

Aerial straps

Aerial rope

Dance Trapeze


Chinese pole

Luft Zirkus Schule in Straßburg, Frankreich (in der Nähe von Kehl oder Offenburg, Deutschland)



Luft Ringe




Trapeze tanzen


Chinesischer Mast